Benefits of bilingualism in education

enjoy a new language

Let’s see some advantages of learning a new language :


Other than the joy of speaking another language brings, learning a foreign language, no matter which one, offers many advantages. For your personal well-being, your work, or your health, the study and use of a second or third language can provide a lot of benefits. Let’s try to explain the phenomenon.

Personal Enrichment

Learning a new language allows you to discover a new culture. This gives you many advantages in your communication and personal relationships.



Learning a foreign language can be helpful when you visit other countries. Knowing the local language will always be an advantage, whether you are visiting or planning to stay there for the long term.

Furthermore, if you travel outside your borders frequently, knowing an international language such as English, Spanish or French will allow you to never feel lonely. You will always find someone capable of communicating with you.

This is a true asset to find your way or to order food.


A Gateway to the World

Knowing one or many foreign languages will allow you discover rich cultures.
Studying a foreign language automatically pushes you to learn about a new culture. Even if they speak your language, locals will always appreciate your efforts to integrate and share with them.

Know Your Roots


Many children of immigrants didn’t have the opportunity to learn their parent’s language. Furthermore, most Europeans have multicultural backgrounds.

Learning your family’s current or past language enables you to uncover a part of your heritage. While searching your roots, you will often find that some family members come from other cultures and speak different languages. It will be easier to reconnect with them if you study their language.



There are more and more mixed couples and their children sometimes grow up with parents from different cultures and different native languages.  Learning both languages and cultures shows respect to both families.

Benefits to learn a second language

Professional Opportunities, expatriation, salary :

Learning a new language can give a new impulse to your professional career.




Nowadays, many companies have an international approach to business. Professional relocations to different countries are pretty common. In this case, learning a foreign language is incredibly useful.


Many transfers involve moving to a new region or country. These transfers can happen by personal choice or by obligation. In both cases however, learning an international language and/or the local language of the destination country is a necessity. You risk missing out on the job opportunity if you don’t make an effort to learn.



Serious studies have shown that employees who can speak multiples languages have a higher salary.

Scientists specialized in human resource management recently created a salary scale. Their survey showed that bilingual people tend to earn 10% more than other employees with similar skill sets.  Trilingual or multilingual subjects reported having a salary 20 or 30% higher than their unilingual colleagues. Such variations make you dream of knowing new languages.





Knowing a foreign language is a promotion booster in a highly international context. Being able to speak a second language is a determining factor for a professional promotion if you’re in a big company, an organization with international objectives or an enterprise based in a multilingual country.


If you are competing for a position with someone with the same skill set as you, human resources will automatically favor the candidate who can speak two, three or more foreign languages. This allows them to make sure they chose someone with great communication skills and reliable decision-making capabilities. 

Reasons to learn a foreign language

It will give you a good mental health and improve your logical reasoning


The proper command of a foreign language is a valuable asset in both your travels and your professional life.  Did you know that knowing multiple languages helps preserve your mental health? Explanation.

Studies carried out on children between the ages of 6 and 12 have shown that those speaking a second language had better than average cognitive abilities. These children were capable of producing a more intense and efficient memorizing effort.  They show more proficiency in their brain functions to make mental calculations or to copy texts and images. Also, the mental faculties of bilingual kids are geared towards sorting and selection capacities. These kids constantly have to select the right word if they speak multiple languages. Consequently, their brains developed with enhanced and faster logical reasoning.


Preventing Alzheimer’s disease

As surprising as it may sound, learning a 2nd language may protect you against Alzheimer’s disease.

A 2011 study was presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference. It demonstrated that people learning a foreign language maintained their memory more efficiently. The study also showed that disorders associated with Alzheimer’s appeared 4 to 5 years later compared to other subjects. Furthermore, the development of Alzheimer in bilingual patients is slower.



Adaptation Skills


People who speak many languages are better at multitasking and adapting to changes.

Serious studies have shown that people who speak at least two languages are better at multitasking. People who speak multiple languages have brains that are used to performing several tasks at the same time and constantly sort through information. This ability transfers into their daily lives and allows multilingual subjects to be more efficient multitaskers.



Optimal Focus

Learning a language requires a sustained concentration effort. Not only does it involves memory, but also the ability to understand and rephrase in a very short time. The brain gets used to focusing on just one thing. This capacity to concentrate can be transferred to other domains such as your personal or professional life.




Learning a foreign language has many advantages. However, if you want the experience to be enjoyable and successful, you must choose a language you like.