Carole Bueso



I am an artist whose works are wide-ranging, French and living in Malta since 2015. I started my creations in 1996 and I had developed my creativity and my artistic experience over the years as well as my various trips abroad.

My previous artistic experience shows drawings and woodcraft, in France between Toulouse and Paris. I am also the coauthor of the comic strip "Miss Tôch et Lol et les secrets des banquiers", sold in Switzerland. I have launched my cBueso company in 2016 with a line of clothes revisited, and with cotton organic for adults. Whether for adults or children, the look should be stylish and casual with a particular attention to have a garment out of ordinary. The purpose: enjoy the garment's creativeness, combine the artistic and handcrafted touch to provide an original and modern aspect.
In my spare time, I enjoy working on video games. I also like writing stories.


 Self-employed.  VAT: 2348-9416

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