An artistic and handcrafted touch

Polo shirts: Every buttons are sewn by hand, with resistant threads. 

Sweatshirts: Each drawstring are revisited by cBueso.

Warning on Google  IMPORTANT INFORMATION : several pictures of sweat-shirts, polos shirts and models have been unfortunately stolen without our acceptance. These hackers are currently using them with bad advice, false pricing and information via their websites. Consequently, we are working actively to resolve this unfortunate matter. It’s our priority to inform our customers that all articles with the mention of cbueso can be exclusively sell from Thank you for your kind understanding.


Decorative "Hand-made" buttons for children

Each decorative button for children is made by hand, by cBueso. Every stage is manual, from the pencil to the varnish. These plastic buttons are drawn by pencil and then by permanent marker. Drying several days for better adhesion and cut according to the theme, a source of heat is applied, and this plastic becomes as hard as a traditional button. A protective varnish is then applied by brush to the button. These buttons can be washed in the washing machine at 30°. 


Important: Please take note and accept that in relation to the home-made nature of these buttons, it is possible that there may be a very light difference in the lines of the marker. However all the attention is put on the buttons, to make sure that all the buttons are extremely close to the pictures that you can see on the website.


Information: The original buttons were changed. Black and white polyester buttons were chosen and sewn by hand; the zebra-striped buttons are in resin. The black buttons are darkened but made with design touches more clear, and the while buttons have a bright shell-like appearance. So there are two openings of basic buttons, the middle button is purely for decoration, and the decorative "hand-made" button is placed at the end of the placket.

15 themes of decorative buttons are available:

                                                  Animals: Zebra - Giraffe - Cheetah - Dinosaur - Elephant - Owl - Penguin

                    Sports: Soccer ball - Rugby ball - Boxer

                                                                           Characters: Hero boy - Hero girl - Fairy- Boy - Girl