"Changing what is ordinary".  Organic polo shirts and sweatshirts revisited and enhanced with a handcrafted touch.

Carole Bueso, french artisan living in Malta, adds her artistic note to clothing.

With Malta currently booming and seeking to distinguish itself by promoting creativity, it is a country that thus encourages self-employment. Hence lay cBueso’s interest in setting up her business in Malta and adding her artistic touch. All this in the light that Valletta will be hosting the title of European Capital of Culture in 2018.

 Artist whose works are wide-ranging 

Carole Bueso, has developed her artistic creativity over the years, inspired by her various trips abroad. She now shares her creativity with a different target group. She lays down a mixture of colors and materials, modern and classic, unconditionally, so that customers may assert themselves naturally to suit their fancies. Expressing one’s personality can be interesting, which is why she likes to combine what is traditional with brilliant colors. All adult polo shirts and sweatshirts are made out of organic cotton. Environmentally-conscious and supporting organic textiles, Carole Bueso has noticed that people are more and more receptive to this change. 

cBueso stand out with a novelty in the colors and original creations 

Adult polo shirts are presented for all people that enjoys novelty and the authentic character of organic garments that has been finished off by the artist’s signature creations. Sweatshirts retrieve this same audience that is as fond of what is natural as original. Polo shirts are white whilst buttons add a stylish touch through their prominent shapes and colors. These buttons present the distinctive feature of being meticulously sewn with threads that blend in with their colors, whilst others add an interesting and deliberate contrast. Some of these buttons combine two different colorful threads, it is a novelty. The choice of buttons has been made via Paris, but also England, the United States, and Italy. As for the sweatshirts, a bright colorful touch around the drawstring creates a new style through two separate colors, and leaving the cBueso imprint. 

Childrens polo shirts with a decorative «hand-made» button 

Children’s polo shirts aim to offer a fresh look by presenting a decorative “handmade” button attached to them, be it by means of an animal they are fond of, a character, a hero, or even to show their love to a sport, such as football. Polo shirts are lively, reflecting children’s interest in drawing, felt-tip pens and creativity, and also by parents who encourage handmade work and attention to detail. 

Find out more at www.cbueso.com.

Distribution in Malta and Europe

"Pleasing yourself when designing an item is important, but pleasing other people matters even more." cBueso