Why learning French

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About learning French : The benefits of learning the French language are numerous.

French has a reputation of being a complicated language. However, learning it offers many advantages. Let’s explain.




French culture is rich

French is often considered as a reference language in a variety of cultural fields.
Knowing this language gives access to many treasures of the French culture.


France, famous for its capital, Paris, is considered to be the epicenter of fashion. Parisian chic got its name from the city. The Champs-Elysée has many luxurious shops from the biggest names in the fashion industry.


French gastronomy is famous all over the world. Knowing how to speak French helps appreciate the intricacies of French gastronomy.


Above all, the richness of French culture is best understood by the proper command of French, a language which stood the test of time. From Baudelaire to Proust and Prévert, French literary works are best comprehended in their source language. This language is the DNA of the French film industry and is best showcased at the Cannes Festival. From Louis de Funès’s humor and Alain Delon’s elegance, to Brigitte Bardot’s popularity, France’s 7th art exports well and remains beloved domestically.


French is also the language of the “Age of Enlightenment”. The language was the vehicle through which human rights spread across the world. It is the language spoken by the most prominent scientists and philosophers. From Descartes to Pasteur, French has left its marks on science. 




An International Presence

French is a language spoken all over the word. Additionally, French is the language of international relations and is omnipresent on the international stage. Outside of English, which is also widely spoken globally, French is the 2nd official language of the most important international organizations.  The UN, OTAN, UNESCO, the European Union, the International Olympic Committee or the Red Cross predominantly use French. The language is also used by the most influential international justice institutions such as the Human Rights Review Tribunal.


Other than political or diplomatic careers, French also opens other doors. Molière’s language is the most widely used language online, after English and German. Speaking French offers a fresh perspective on the world. It also provides the opportunity to work with trusted international media agencies. 

A language to communicate

Thanks to its omnipresence, French is an essential communication channel. With English, French is the only language spoken on all 5 continents. It is the second most taught language in Europe after English.


In most countries, it is always possible to find someone who can speak French. Furthermore, a large network of schools teaches it internationally. Impressively, this represents more than 750’000 people learning French.


French is widely spoken across the world. On every continent and in every country, it is easy to find someone who can understand it. The language therefor is quite essential to learn, whether for personal or professional reasons.




A Precious Support

French is useful in your day to day life for many reasons. Characterized by a long and rich history, French is a major asset to your general education. As a latin language, French possesses common roots with Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Romanian.  Knowing French facilitates your learning of languages deriving from Latin. French also inspired many words in English. Experts estimate that 50% of English words have a Latin root. Most of them can be easily understood by French speakers. French therefor offers a perfect springboard to learn English.


French’s rather inflexible structure and complex orthography allows you to order your thoughts properly. French develops logic and enhances concentration more than most languages.




An Extra Push

French is indispensable in many fields. The omnipresence of French on the international stage gives French learners an extra push to their fate and to their careers. Whether you want to work in diplomacy, in science, or in philosophy, French will open doors to great careers. It allows you to get into the greatest institutions and to collaborate with high-profile professionals.


French also gives students the upper hand. It grants access to world-class schools in France. From Sorbonne to the Pierre and Marie Curie University, the French government is likely to grant scholarships to students who are proficient in French.

An asset for tourism

French is spoken across the world and allows you to visit a plethora of countries. It is a language which allows you to always find someone to talk to, no matter where you are. Spoken on all 5 continents, French enjoys a great reputation. If you speak French, you will easily find job opportunities in the tourism industries of any countries.


It is also the key you need to work in companies focused on international expansion. Paris may be the most visited French-speaking destination, but you will be able to use it in other major international cities. French is an important communication language and will always be needed in major tourist destination.


French is a globally used language. Moliere’s language is required in many situations. Learning it will open up great career opportunities. This language is also a springboard to discover many cultural wonders and tourist destinations.

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